Basics of Financial Markets. Investment Banking

6 hours
This training helps participants understand financial markets, securities, derivatives as well as investment banking activities. Participants will receive a basic theoretical knowledge that will help them develop the necessary skills needed for project activities that require knowledge in this area. Case studies, practical examples of electronic transaction systems design (both for stock market and OTC transactions) and test sessions are included.
Target Audience:
Testers, System and Business Analysts, Architects, Developers and Project Managers.
After the course, participants will be able to:
  • Distinguish between the main types of securities;
  • Understand the principles of investment banks and financial markets;
  • Understand how electronic systems for trading securities operate (stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc.);
  • Understand transaction cycle stages.
  • Securities;
  • Investment Banking;
  • Financial Markets;
  • Transaction Cycle.
  • Participants will be tested on the information they receive.
  • The course includes three parts: Input testing, On-site training and Final testing.
  • Input testing is required to identify the level of the group and is not graded. It is conducted 7 to 11 days prior to the training date and the results are sent to the instructor.
  • A final testing is required to assess the participants' progress. It is held within 7 days, after the last day of training and the results are sent to the instructor and the participants’ managers (for internal students) or directly to the attendees (for external students).
  • Test days are specified in the training invitation.
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€ 150
Invoices for the course will be issued in local currency. All fees above can change according to training location and delivery mode and are subject to change while scheduling. For individual participants the price is as displayed. For legal entities VAT is added to the displayed price.

Nowak Lukasz
The training was well prepared and presented. Discussion of OTC Options, Swaps and ETF was very helpful.
Another trainings, for ex. more advanced description of Financial Markets in Investment Banking to better understand mechanisms presented in training would be very useful.

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