Regulation Framework Basel Accords

8 hours
Regulation has always been a hot topic for the financial world. The crisis in 2008 pointed out that the regulation at that moment was not enough or, at least, not targeted towards those areas that could generate significant amounts of risk.

In order to prevent a new financial crisis, the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision updated the Basel II Accord to Basel III which is expected to be fully implemented until 2019.

This course helps the audience understand the main aspects of the regulation environment pointing out the requirements of the Basel Accords, especially Basel II and Basel III.
Target Audience:
Testers, System and Business Analysts, Architects, Developers, and Project Managers working on financial markets projects, especially regulatory reporting, liquidity management, market risk, lending and regulatory environment.
  • Help the audience understand why the banks need to be regulated
  • Understand the main requirements of Basel I, Basel II and Basel III accords
  • How to calculate the regulatory capital under each accord and other important ratios
  • What are the banks doing
  • Why the banking industry needs to be regulated
  • History of Basel accords
  • Main requirements of Basel I
  • Why Basel II was needed
  • Main requirements of Basel II. What is new compared to Basel I
  • Upgrading Basel II to 2.5
  • Black balls of Basel II and why Basel III was needed
  • Main requirements of Basel III. What is new compared to Basel II
Economics, finance, financial markets basic knowledge, equity market, bond market, derivatives
€ 150
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