Java Persistence with Hibernate

24 hours
During this training we will talk about Java Persistence API, and how to use it for persisting Java objects into relational databases based on Hibernate EntityManager.

The two main aspects we will talk about in this course are:

  1. JPA – the course explains and shows how to use it for persisting Java objects into relational databases (mapping description, objects storing and reading, searching the object using JPQL and Criteria API, transaction handling, etc.)
  2. Hibernate EntityManager – an open-source implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA) specification – here we will describe the main aspects related to configuring and optimizing Hibernate.
Target Audience:
  • Java developers
  • Java architects
  • Java Persistence API specification - overview and in depth analysis
  • Gain practical experience using JPA for application development
ORM - Introduction/overview
  • What is persistence?
  • Object/relational paradigms mismatch (problems of: granularity, subtypes, identity, associations)
  • Why ORM?
Mapping Persistent Classes
  • Understanding entities
  • Mapping entities with identity
  • Mapping class inheritance
  • Mapping collections and entity associations
Working with Objects
  • Persistence lifecycle
  • Java Persistence API
Packaging JPA application
Transactions and Concurrency
Querying with JPA QL and HQL
Hibernate Optimizing
Integration with Spring
€ 380
Invoices for the course will be issued in local currency. All fees above can change according to training location and delivery mode and are subject to change while scheduling. For individual participants the price is as displayed. For legal entities VAT is added to the displayed price.

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