Java 8

12 hours
Java has been significantly changed in version 8. Many long-planned features were introduced in the language, making it more functional. Using these features requires new approaches to programming and a deep understanding of new principles.

This training is designed to help participants understand the new features of Java 8. The course covers lambda expressions, data streams, stream data processing with map-filter-reduce approach, asynchronous programming and DateTime API. Every key area has a number of practical exercises that allows participants to practice what they learned.
Target Audience:
The training is designed for Java developers.
To introduce developers to the new features in Java 8.
Lambda expressions
  • Lambda syntax
  • Functional interfaces
  • Package java.util.function and predefined functional interfaces
  • Method references
  • Constructor references
  • Default methods in interfaces
  • Default methods and diamond problem

  • What is a Stream?
  • Ways to create a Stream
  • Map/Filter/Reduce approach
  • Map/Filter/Aggregate
  • Aggregation functions
  • Reduce in sequental and parallel processing
  • forEach method
  • Consumers chaining
  • Predicates
  • peek method
  • map operation
  • flatmap operation
  • aggregation and reduction
  • Optional type
  • Collectors
  • Using collectors as group by
  • IntStream and other special streams
  • Random stream
  • Parallel streams

Fork/Join framework
  • ForkJoinPool
  • Classes used for Fork/Join
  • Fork/Join example
  • Fork/Join and parallel stream processing: benchmarks

Date and Time API
  • Problems with Date and Calendar in Java 8
  • LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime
  • Instant class
  • Clock class
  • ZonedDateTime
  • DayOfWeek class
  • Duration class
  • Period class

Asynchronous programming
  • Problems with multithreading
  • Parallel and asynchronous programming
  • Benefits of asynchrnous approach
  • Java 1 approach to multithreading
  • Java 5 approach: Future class
  • Java 8 approach: CompletableFuture class
  • Data flow as a pipeline
  • Starting several pipelines in parallel
  • Composing futures
  • Combining futures
  • Synchronous and asynchronous CompletableFuture methods
  • Using anyOf/applyToEither to get the winner result
  • Summary of CompletableFuture methods
  • Handling exceptions in CompletableFuture
  • Using checkpoints in method handling
  • Cancellation of CompletableFuture
  • Using CompletableFuture in real-life data flow processing
  • Asynchronous APIs in Java
Java knowledge is required. Practical experience in Java programming is desirable.
€ 240
Invoices for the course will be issued in local currency. All fees above can change according to training location and delivery mode and are subject to change while scheduling. For individual participants the price is as displayed. For legal entities VAT is added to the displayed price.

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