Unit Testing in .Net

8 hours
Unit testing is an approach where the programmer covers his code with tests that protect it from regression and ensure that it is correct. This makes UT mandatory when related to Agile development and Continuous Integration. This course also talks about other useful (but not always obvious) advantages of this technique.
Target Audience:
Developers working with different languages on a .NET platform with different level of maturity.
  • An overview of the basic and advanced practices of writing tests.
  • The philosophy and the advantages of the Unit Testing approach.
Module 1. Unit Tests – what are they and why they’re useful. Base and some advanced test writing techniques. Software design and unit testing, best practices.

Module 2:
  • Testable design;
  • Frameworks (IOC, Isolation etc.);
  • Test patterns;
  • Test Driven Design – why is it useful;
  • Approaching legacy code;
  • Continuous testing;
  • Test coverage.
Recommended Reading:
  1. Osherove R. The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net. 
  2. Beck K. Test Driven Development: By Example. 
  3. Meszaros G. XUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code. 
  4. www.nunit.org.
€ 180
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