Risk Management

20 hours
Risk Management is one of the major disciplines of software project management. At the same time this is one of the disciplines least mastered by managers at all levels.

The concept of risk has become a common part of everyday life and is perceived by everybody as something very familiar and clear. As a result – a spontaneous and largely intuitive process of fighting "everyday" risks has been firmly equated with the concept of "risk management” in the minds of many managers. Needless to say how dramatic the consequences are - especially in the software industry, where projects are full of complexities, uncertainties and risks!

This course is designed to give project managers the necessary knowledge and skills to manage risks by offering them a precise understanding of the subject and best practices in software development projects.

The training addresses:
  • key concepts of risk management,
  • methods for risk identification, classification and analysis,
  • methods for risk assessment,
  • risk management plans,
  • typical risks in software projects.
Target Audience:
  • Project Managers (beginners and those with an average experience).
  • Experienced team leaders.
  • To give a holistic understanding of basic concepts related to risk management;
  • To study the basic concepts of risk management;
  • To review the relevant techniques and methodologies;
  • To form a systematic approach to risk reduction and management.
  1. Introduction:
    • Key Definitions;
    • Sources of Risks;
    • Risk Management Objectives;
    • Resistance to Risk Management;
    • Risk Management Process and Methodologies;
    • Key Participants of Risk Management Process;
    • Risk Management Artefacts.
  2. Primary Data Collection and Analysis.
  3. Development of Risk Management Approaches.
  4. Risk Identification:
    • Models Used for Risk Identification;
    • Risks Status;
    • Risk Owner;
    • Risk Classification;
    • Risk Identification Methods;
    • Typical Errors of Risk Identification.
  5. Risk Analysis:
    • Types and Objectives of Risk Analysis;
    • Risk Attributes;
    • Determinating the most significant risks;
    • Estimating total project risk.
  6. Risk Planning:
    • Risk Types;
    • Plan Attributes;
    • Strategies for Risk Response;
    • Optimizing Risk Planning;
    • Plan Chains;
    • Risk Reserves.
  7. Risk Monitoring.
  8. Risk Control.
  9. Risk Database.
Experience in software development projects.
€ 420
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Gheorgisan Mihaela-Cristina
Training made a very good impression on me. The exercises and the examples were very helpful.
Waiting for another trainings, for ex. estimation, leadership, agile, Kanban, project management, effective communication technics

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