Introduction to Business Analysis

8 hours
Business Analysis
This is an IIBA endorsed course, dedicated to studying the fundamentals of business analysis according to the BABOK Guide 3.0. The training elaborates on the key concepts of business analysis and essentials of the Business Analyst profession. It provides an overview of business analysis tasks, techniques, and perspectives. In addition it explains IIBA certification requirements and methods of preparation.

The BABOK Guide is an internationally recognized standard for the practice of business analysis. It summarizes the experience of leading business analysts around the world and describes 30 major tasks of business analysis, along with 50 techniques that are commonly used for solving these tasks.

The major challenge with self-studying the BABOK Guide is that, when describing the typical tasks of business analysis, it does not explain when and how one should perform these tasks. It assumes that business analysts shall be able to answer these questions on their own, based on their personal experience and specifics of a particular project. Besides that, the BABOK Guide provides very few examples that might help analysts make connections between the theoretical knowledge and their daily activities.

The purpose of this course is to overcome that challenge. Studying the key concepts of business analysis and reviewing the content of the BABOK Guide is accompanied by detailed explanations based on real-life examples from both the instructor’s personal experience and best practices. Participants will also take part in a variety of exercises that help consolidate their understanding.
Target Audience:
The course is oriented towards novice business analysts as well as specialists in other professions who want to learn the essentials of business analysis. More experienced business analysts may find value in structuring their practical knowledge according to the international standard. The course is of particular interest to those who are planning to complete their IIBA certification.
The primary objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the essence of the Business Analysis profession and the content of the BABOK Guide 3.0, a global professional standard. The training helps participants understand the specific terminology and its proper use. Moreover, the course is also useful for those interested in becoming IIBA certified through a better understanding of certification requirements and how to prepare.
This course covers the following topics:

  • The essence of the Business Analysis profession
  • Key concepts of business analysis
  • Roles and tasks of a business analyst
  • The techniques used to perform business analysis tasks
  • Underlying competencies of a business analyst
  • Business analysis perspectives
  • IIBA certification requirements and methods of preparation
No prerequisites. Participants would benefit from a good command of English (knowing IT professional vocabulary and reading professional literature fluently).
€ 150
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