Introduction to Software Testing

8 hours
During the course, students will get an insight into the basics of software testing.
Target Audience:
All project roles with no experience in testing.
After completion of the course, students will:
  • Have a general idea about software testing;
  • Have an idea about software development lifecycle models;
  • Know main definitions in the area of software testing;
  • Have an idea about defect management and expectations related to testing;
  • Understand specifics of various types and levels of software testing;
  • Know main vectors of software tester development.
  • Generally accepted terms of software testing.
  • Goals of software testing.
  • Basic terms:
    • Test object, test basis;
    • Error/mistake, bug/defect/fault, failure;
    • Verification vs validation.
  • Cost of software defects;
  • Testing as part of quality assurance area;
  • 7 testing principles;
  • Software development lifecycle;
  • Software development lifecycle models:
      • Waterfall;
      • Iterative model;
      • Spiral model.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different software development lifecycle models;
  • Testing within different software development lifecycle models. Testing challenges within each of them;
  • Project team. Place of tester within it;
  • Levels of independence of software testing;
  • Testing levels;
  • Testing types;
  • Software defect;
  • Defect structure;
  • Defect lifecycle;
  • Classification of software defects;
  • Portrait of software tester. The direction of software tester development.
Recommended Reading:
  • Kaner C., Bach J., Pettichord B. Lessons Learned in Software Testing;
  • Graham D., Veenendaal E., Evans I., Black R. Foundations of Software Testing;
  • Patton R. Software testing;
  • Whittaker J.A. How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing.
€ 180
Invoices for the course will be issued in local currency. All fees above can change according to training location and delivery mode and are subject to change while scheduling. For individual participants the price is as displayed. For legal entities VAT is added to the displayed price.

The most useful for me in this course  was having a overall idea about SW testing.

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