Basic Use of XML, XPath, Altovaź

8 hours
The course describes the rules for correctly using XML to store information and the methods of retrieving the required information from XML with the help of XPath.

After completing the course attendees will be able to:
  • create a correct XML for arbitrary data description;
  • use XPath for searching the required information in an XML;
  • use Altova as an advanced XML tool;
  • use namespaces while working with XML.
Target Audience:
  • Testers of products which use XML;
  • Developers of products which use XML;
  • Business analysts who are working with XML.
  • Introduction to Altovaź.
  • Learn basic methods of retrieving information from an XML with the help of XPath.
  • XML: XML namespaces; Attributes versus elements; Well-formed XML documents; XML errors.
  • XPath: XPath syntax; XPath functions.
  • Altovaź: XML validation; XPath usage in Altovaź.
Basic understanding of XML and HTML.
Recommended Reading:
€ 150
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