Time to upgrade at Internet & Mobile World

Time to upgrade at Internet & Mobile World
Every year Bucharest plays host to one of the most important IT&C events in Eastern Europe. Internet & Mobile World aims to build an important framework in Romanian industry for learning, networking and new business generation that reunites a B2B audience in an environment designed for sharing digital, mobile or IT software & infrastructure solutions for their businesses.

The event had six stages dedicated to key subjects such as Dev, SMBs & Enterprise Solutions, Digital & e-Commerce, Marketing & Innovation and Security (a topic which has become increasingly important in these last few years).

This year’s general theme was digital transformation and its potential to both disrupt and help businesses improve their bottom line. It has become a subject of particular importance as more and more businesses have to come to realize that in order to stay competitive they need to make it part of their overall business strategy.

Taking part in this event has become a tradition for Luxoft Training because it allows us to interact with industry professionals and speakers and to take the pulse of the IT&C market in order to adapt our training solutions or develop new ones based on the many discussions we have. As a provider of IT&C learning solutions we are responsible for making sure that we help our clients equip their employees with the necessary skills to deal with the latest technologies.

The great thing about the IT&C industry is that your background is not as important as your curiosity and willingness to learn and experiment. And we try to apply this philosophy as much as possible to our trainings. That is why we develop courses for specialists at all levels from junior roles to more experienced senior positions. Whether you are just starting out in the industry or you are already an experienced professional who wants to update or add to your skill set we can help you find the right mix.

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