Our Trainers

Akushevich Dmitriy

Dmitriy Akushevich 

Consultant in Project Management and «soft skills»

Dmitry has got an extensive experience in software project management on all stages of project life-cycle, including pre-sale. Dmitry has worked in a wide range of business areas from telecommunicatio...
Alexandru Leonard

Leonard Alexandru 

Project management and Software Testing Consultant

Leonard is a Project Manager in Luxoft Automotive and has over 9 years of experience in the IT field. He started as a test engineer in telecom but gradually became more interested in project managemen...
Baginska Joanna

Joanna Baginska 

Communication and personal effectiveness specialist

Joanna has over 6 years of experience in training needs analysis, design and delivery. Her professional experience includes roles in organizations both at home and abroad - advisory positions, recruit...
Balasa Emanuel

Emanuel Balasa 

Telecom Specialist

Emanuel has more than 13 years of experience in IT&C in both management and execution roles. In his current role as a Project Manager he is responsible, among others, for developing and implementi...
Balosin Ionut

Ionut Balosin 

Software Architect

Ionut is a Software Architect and has been working in the IT field since 2006. He has experience in a wide variety of business applications and his areas of interest include Software Architecture and ...
Bernat Andreea

Andreea Bernat 

Software Development and Telecommunications Consultant

Andreea currently works as a Software Engineer for one of Luxoft’s key Telecom projects developing software for routing/switching equipment. She has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineeri...
Bilica Ionut

Ionut Bilica 

Software Development Consultant

Ionut has been working as a Java Developer since 2006 on projects from a wide area of business, from internet services and telecom applications to finance platforms developing. He is passionate a...
Blicharz Ewelina

Ewelina Blicharz 

Effective Communication and Personal Development specialist

Ewelina has 4 years of experience helping people grow. In Luxoft she works as an HR Partner and she is responsible for the implementation of HR processes like performance appraisals, employee developm...
Blinov Dmitriy

Dmitriy Blinov 

Project management, Agile, System analysis and UML

Dmitriy has more than 13 years of experience in the IT&C industry in software development, system analytics and project management. He is currently involved in a complex project for a large western...
Bobocea Andrei

Andrei Bobocea 

Software Development Specialist

Andrei currently works as a QA Automation Engineer for Luxoft and is also involved in facilitating a range of courses for Luxoft Training on various subjects such as Python or Java. During his career ...