Business and System Analysis

Our training shows you how to describe the structure and operation logic of a use case, and how to represent each one as a set of diagrams containing all the necessary information.
We cover the process of creating user documentation for software products, such as document structure, the rules for outlining and formatting, and documentation quality criteria.
This is a business simulation where you go through the process of studying a customer’s needs and elaborating system requirements. It’s useful for all those who want to work on the skills and activities related to the eliciting and analyzing requirements area of the BABOK Guide.
Learn the application rules for the graphic elements of the language, study the types of BPMN diagrams and discover the possibilities of automatic execution of the constructed models.
This training intended for those who are already acquainted with the basics of BPMN notation and have some experience in business process modelling.
This is an IIBA endorsed course, dedicated to studying the fundamentals of business analysis according to the BABOK Guide 3.0. The training elaborates on the key concepts of business analysis and essentials of the Business Analyst profession.
The training elaborates on the tasks related to selecting an approach to business analysis for a project, defining required activities and assessing their complexity, identifying stakeholders and planning their engagement, planning requirements management, and finding opportunities to improve the performance of business analysts.
This is an IIBA endorsed course, dedicated to studying the “Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring” knowledge area of the BABOK Guide 3.0. The training focuses on tasks such as eliciting, documenting, and communicating business analysis information, as well as how to collaborate with stakeholders while preparing for elicitation and confirming its results.
This is an IIBA endorsed course, dedicated to studying the “Requirements Life Cycle Management” knowledge area of the BABOK Guide 3.0. The training discusses the tasks of tracing and maintaining requirements, as well as on prioritizing, approving, and reusing them. It explains the use of requirement patterns and addresses the matters of requirements change management.
Our strategy analysis course is based on the most recent version of the BABOK® Guide and brings real world examples which illustrate how business analysis works.
The training is designed and developed for business analysts and other experts involved in the process of requirements analysis and design definition.
The training is based on materials developed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (, specifically the BABOK® Guide version 3.0, and is dedicated to one of the BABOK Knowledge Areas, namely Solution Evaluation (Solution Evaluation, BABOK Chapter 8).
This business game will help students learn to put some useful business analysis techniques described in BABOK 3.0 into practice. During the game, these techniques will be applied to a real-life business case.
This training is developed to help you prepare for the ECBA certification exam.
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