This training covers the CAN bus standard, one of the key standards in the automotive industry.
This training is aimed at professional software developers, software testers and software architects who work in projects whose activities are based on the methodologies and approaches provided by the AUTOSAR standard.
During the course we will cover the ISO 26262 standard and its various parts.
This training is an introduction to the Automotive world and the AUTOSAR Standard. We provide an overview of the motivation and aims of the AUTOSAR consortium as well as information on the basic principles and technical concepts of the AUTOSAR standard.
Yocto is an open-source project which allows for the creation of Linux-based Board Support Packages. Its introduction to Automotive Grade Linux has brought it more attention in the Automotive sector. This training gives you a solid understanding of the build system.
This training covers classical point cloud processing methods for ADAS as well as deep learning based methods for Autonomous Driving.
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