IT Project Management

This training is an introduction into software project management, for prospective and current project managers.
During the training we will discuss the process of estimating software development projects and all related activities - problems and errors. Based on Luxoft's experience in various projects we will discuss techniques for estimating project size, efforts and duration, the main challenges of estimation and the role of metrics in estimation.
20 hours
This course is designed to give project managers the necessary knowledge and skills to manage risks by offering them a precise understanding of the subject and best practices in software development projects.
This training introduces you to a project manager’s perspective on Microsoft Project. This set of software tools supports the management of all projects across an organization (i.e. enterprise project management). The training includes real practice in managing a project: creating a Work Breakdown Structure, estimating tasks schedules & efforts, assigning resources to tasks, monitoring the budget & work using earned value management etc.
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