Soft Skills

In our training we want to give you the knowledge and skills required to successfully and effectively organize, prepare, and conduct business meetings.
Our training is designed to give you all the information you need to deliver succesful presentations. Itís not an easy task but with the help of a good process to guide you, some great techniques to apply in difficult situations and practice you will be able to improve your abilities and gain confidence in your skills as a presenter.
This workshop focuses on strategies team leaders can use and actions they can take to build a high level of agility in their teams: quickness, flexibility and adaptability.
This workshop provides skills that managers can use in different situations related to performance discussions.
For a new manager, this course works like a compass: it gives you the sense of direction and the right course to get to your destination.
This course helps you understand the impact of change initiatives and how to manage your peopleís reactions to change.
Our training provides managers with the necessary tools and abilities required to successfully delegate tasks to team members and colleagues.
The training is focused on the ethical application of Cialdiniís six principles to produce lasting change and avoid common influence traps.
16 hours
In this training youíll learn how to have more productive relationships with those around by developing the skills required to express your feelings and thoughts in a constructive way while respecting the rights of others.
During this training participants will learn to identify their main areas of stress and work together with the trainer to develop the necessary means to deal with it.
Tips, strategies and solutions for working in virtual teams.
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