The course describes the rules for correctly using XML to store information and the methods of retrieving the required information from XML with the help of XPath.
The course describes the methods for retrieving the required information from XML with the help of XPath, the difference between XPath1.0 and XPath2.0 and the methods of transforming XML with the help of XPath.
In this training we look at JavaScript (EcmaScript 2015+), using JavaScript for working in browsers (UI events, manipulating HTML with DOM CSS), JavaScript modules (NPM, Webpack), working with the server (HTTP protocol, REST, AJAX, Axios, WebSocket).
This course covers the JavaScript library React.js, FLUX architecture and its most popular implementation – REDUX.
The Angular 9 framework has been completely redesigned to meet the current web-development requirements. Now the framework is written not in JavaScript, but TypeScript language - typed and more convenient for the development of large applications.
30 hours
This course continues the basic Angular course and is intended for developers who already have experience of using this framework. It focuses on advanced themes, which will enable you to increase the efficiency of development and improve the quality of code.
36 hours
This training is aimed at experienced React Developers and focuses on the more advanced topics related to this programming language.
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