Domain Driven Design

This training covers the basic concepts of DDD (Domain Driven Design) and related topics like OOP and OOD.
Code: ARC-003
Duration: 20 hours


This training covers the basic concepts of DDD (Domain Driven Design) and related topics like OOP and OOD. During the course, participants will learn how DDD helps software developers build complex enterprise systems and they will analyze both Strategic (Bounded Contexts) and Tactical tools (primary focus here is on correct design of Aggregates). In addition we will also examine several types of software architecture which can be used with DDD.

The course is based on real world examples and practical assignments, which help participants strengthen their theoretical knowledge and exercise their strategic and tactical modeling skills.


Module 1 – DDD Overview. Includes Ubiquitous Language.
Module 2 – DDD Prerequisites. Includes:
  • OOP, OOD principles
  • Architectural Business Logic Patterns
Module 3 – DDD Strategic Design. Covers:
  • Domains, Subdomains
  • Bounded Contexts
  • Context Maps
  • Practice Session #1 – Applying Strategic Design
Module 4 – DDD Architectural View. Overview of:
  • Layered Architecture
  • Hexagonal (ports and adapters) Architecture
  • SOA
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • CQRS
  • Event Sourcing
  • Practice Session #2 – DDD Architectural View
Module 5. DDD Tactical Tools. Part1. Covers:
  • Entities
  • Value Objects
  • Aggregates
  • Factories
Module 6. DDD Tactical Tools. Part2. Covers:
  • Services
  • Domain Events
  • Modules


  • Understand how DDD helps developing enterprise systems
  • Know how to apply Strategic thinking when building enterprise systems
  • Know how to apply Tactical Modeling skills within a Bounded Context
  • Know how to design Aggregates effectively
  • Understand the importance of Domain Events and how these can be used to integrate Bounded Contexts

Target Audience

Software developers (from Junior to Senior) who have good understanding of OOP, OOD principles and basic knowledge of software architecture patterns.

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