ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Team Facilitation (ATF)

The training is developed for those that are interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of team meetings.
Code: SDP-035
Duration: 16 hours


ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation is the first step on your way to getting an expert level in Agile Coaching. The training is developed for those that are interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of team meetings. During the course participants will learn how to facilitate different kinds of events and how to improve collaboration among participants.

Luxoft is a member training organization (MTO) of the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a worldwide organization whose aim is to develop and improve the quality of Agile education.

Training benefits
  • A deep understanding of the facilitation concepts and the facilitator’s role regardless of the project specifics and adopted process framework;
  • Immediate practice of obtained knowledge during training exercises;
  • Develop ability to create a clear and complete meeting structure;
  • International ICAgile certificate;
  • Individual recommendations from the trainer.


  • Defining facilitation, who is the facilitator, meeting administration vs meeting facilitation. 
  • How to determine what type of facilitation is required. Choosing the level of facilitation intervention.
  • Should a facilitator be a coach or a mentor?
  • Tools for meeting organization and techniques for one-on-one or group facilitation.
  • Facilitating full participation and interaction during meetings, events, negotiations.
  • Facilitating collaborative conversations.
  • Facilitating team exploring, analysis and the decision-making process Protecting the team boundary.
  • Facilitating project and team chartering.
  • Facilitating release and iteration planning.
  • Facilitating demos and reviews.
  • Facilitating retrospectives.
  • Facilitating stand-ups.
  • Facilitating Agile Practice on program or project level.


This advanced 2-day training is designed to help participants:
  • Familiarize themselves with facilitation concepts - what facilitation means in general, what is Agile facilitation in particular, who is a facilitator, why is this role necessary in a meeting.
  • Structure and conduct effective meetings and group discussions.
  • Learn techniques for different stages of meetings including ESVP, Brainswarming, 6 Thinking Hats, Walt Disney creativity strategy, World Café, Kano model, and many others.
  • Understand group dynamics and how to involve all participants in discussions.
  • Study how to deal with conflicts during a meeting.

Target Audience

Scrum-Masters, Managers, Business Analysts, Product Owners and everybody who conducts and facilitates team meetings and group events.

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