ICAgile Business Agility Foundation

The ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) is intended to jumpstart organizational and individual transformation towards a more responsive, value-driven reality. You’ll learn how to bring innovation and continuous improvement into your work at every level (and practically every role in the organization).
Code: SDP-049
Duration: 16 hours


This 2-day interactive training program is a learning journey that facilitates an understanding of why and how the Agile approach can create business and organizational agility for the company and its people. It’s developed by blending theory with practical exercises to help you successfully develop your skills.

During this exciting journey you’ll discover and learn about:

  • Business agility drivers and environment
  • New ways of thinking: blind spots, mental models, cognitive biases
  • The relationship between company business agility and the complex, dynamic business world
  • Managing dilemmas, paradoxes, and polarities
  • Tools and techniques for design & lean thinking
  • The necessity for continuous reinventing and hypnosis checking


  • The Game of Business - Understand the underlying forces that drive any business
  • Multi-Dimensional Mindset - Develop the mindset to manage business vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity
  • Culture for Business Agility - Explore the various building blocks required to bring business agility and an agile mindset to your company
  • Business Agility Applied - Learn the tools and techniques to succeed in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world


  • Help you understand Business Agility aspects in strategical, tactical, and operational domains of an organization (as well as the organization external environment)

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in paradigm shifts necessary to enable organizational agility in today's innovative business climate will find the Business Agility Foundations course compelling. Since this is a generalist certification and an entry point to several ICAgile tracks, it’s not intended to be a direct substitution for the ICAgile Certified Professional credential. Those already holding the ICP are likely to find this course compelling, especially if they are on a journey towards business agility (outside of a software development context).

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