MS Excel 2010

Our training helps you understand the main MS Excel functions and how to use them.
Code: OFFICE-002
Duration: 16 hours


Excel is still one of the most popular tools for collecting, processing and analyzing information. It’s widely used by a variety of professionals for accounting, planning, budgeting, project management, information analysis, decision-making and many other activities.

Of course, a tool designed for such a wide range of tasks contains many functions and capabilities, which sometimes make it difficult to master.

The aim of this course is to help you master the basic set of functions in MS Excel, in particular the built-in formulas and methods of data visualization. We want to develop your understanding of the basic principles of working with spreadsheets, so that you are more comfortable and efficient in MS Excel. You’ll discover a whole arsenal of "subtleties" in working with the program, which are fundamentally important for its successful use.

You’ll learn to work with a minimum and necessary set of formulas that allow you to perform most daily tasks related to the analysis of various types data. You’ll master the algorithm for writing formulas, which allows you to avoid gross errors - both explicit (syntactic) and hidden (leading to incorrect results).

Particular attention is paid to the capabilities of MS Excel for information visualization, by which large arrays of data can be visualized better, the analysis can be more detailed and the results made better. We’ll look at how to set the smart formatting of cells, set up preliminary data validation for entering into cells, the process of plotting, study the purpose of each graph element and their properties.

The main idea of the training is to develop a correct understanding of the fundamental principles of constructing formulas, graphs, pivot tables. This will allow you to improve the efficiency of using MS Excel in your current work and lay the foundation for further improvements to your knowledge of the capabilities of this powerful tool.


Working with Formulas
  • Calculations and operators
  • Data analysis
  • Syntax of basic formulas and the logic of their construction

Data Validation
  • Naming of areas
  • Creating an automatic pop-up
  • Customizing limit entering
  • Customizing error messages
  • Customizing user formatting

Working with Charts
  • Chart creation
  • Changing a chart type
  • Managing chart data

Pivot Tables
  • Elements of the Pivot Table
  • Advantages
  • Databases for the Pivot Table

Conditional Formatting
  • Automatic conditional formatting options
  • Manual setting of conditional formatting
  • Freezing rows and columns

Useful Functions of MS Excel
“Features” of MS Excel


  • Learn strategies that help reduce the time spent on Excel tasks
  • Discover how to work with the most common standard formulas in Excel
  • What are some of the key best practices when working with Excel

Target Audience

  • Operational staff
  • Analytics
  • Managers

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