React Development

This course covers the JavaScript library React.js, FLUX architecture and its most popular implementation – REDUX.
Code: WEB-012
Duration: 30 hours


React.js is a popular JavaScript library which allows you to quickly create applications in a declarative style using React components. In this training you’ll learn how to prepare an environment for using React.js and what approaches are used to write a code. You will discover how to work with FLUX, a very popular and effective pattern for building application architecture, and use its implementation – Redux.


Overview of contemporary JavaScript
  • Classes and inheritance
  • Destructuring of arrays and objects
  • Spread operator
  • Immutability
  • Pure functions
  • MVC Model
  • Asynchronicity in JS: promises, async/await
  • Working with server
  • Using this in callbacks
  • JS modules, import and export
  • NPM and package.json
  • Webpack module bundler
  • Webpack loaders
React basics
State and Props
Advanced issues. Component life cycle
Routing in React
FLUX architecture
REDUX basics
REDUX advanced topics
REDUX Dev Tools
Middleware in REDUX
Asynchronous Actions
Hooks in React


  • Learn how to use React.js
  • Understand the FLUX architecture and its implementation – Redux
  • Learn how to use React.js and Redux together

Target Audience

  • Front-end developers


  • Basic JavaScript programming skills

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