Spring 5 what's new

The objective of this training is to help you understand the features of Java Spring Framework version 5.
Code: JVA-066
Duration: 8 hours


The objective of this training is to help you understand the features of Java Spring Framework version 5. During the course you will create a web application and learn how to use the new functional web framework - Spring Web Flux.

Some of the major topics we will cover are
  • Reactive programming: Spring WebFlux with support for RxJava 2.1 and running on Tomcat, Jetty, Netty or Undertow
  • Functional style with Java 8 API in particular for bean registration and functional web endpoints
  • Integration with Java EE 8 APIs: support for Servlet 4.0, Bean Validation 2.0, JPA 2.2, as well as the JSON Binding API (as an alternative to Jackson/Gson in Spring MVC)
  • JDK 9 support: fully aligned with JDK 9 at runtime, on the classpath as well as the module path


Functional Programming
Reactive Programming
Project Reactor
  • Publisher
  • Flux
  • Mono

Spring 5 Architecture
Spring WebFlux
  • Handler Functions
  • Router Functions
  • Web Client
  • WebFlux Tests

List of new features in Spring 5


  • Understand what's new in Spring 5
  • How to create web application with Spring WebFlux framework

Target Audience

  • Software Developers

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