Angular Development. Advanced Level

This course continues the basic Angular course and is intended for developers who already have experience of using this framework. It focuses on advanced themes, which will enable you to increase the efficiency of development and improve the quality of code.
Code: WEB-022
Duration: 30 hours


This training is aimed at developers who already have experience in using Angular. It focuses on advanced subjects, which will enable you to increase the efficiency of development and improve the quality of your code, making it more effective and extensible.

We cover subjects as developing libraries for Angular, creating custom directives, provider hierarchy and dependency injection, dynamic and reactive forms and their validation, authorization with JWT tokens and managing complex application state with Redux (NgRx). We look at time-travel debugging, advance router capabilities and animation.

During the course we will also talk about subjects related to configuring webpack for building Angular apps, unit testing with Test/Jasmine/Mocha/Chai, E2E testing with Protractor, and even optimization of applications.


  • Creating structural directives
  • Directives, creating directives, structural directives
  • DI, provider hierarchy
  • Once again about DI Modules, providers. Provider hierarchy
  • Creating libraries
  • Types of JS modules Library assembly. Library assembly for Angular
  • Reactive programming (RxJS) advanced
  • RxJS operators and their utilization. Event loop and RxJS.
  • Forms
  • Custom form validation. Dynamic forms. Reactive forms. Using reactive services. Data exchange in reactive forms
  • Angular Router
  • Comprehensive overview of router capabilities
  • Authorization with JWT tokens
  • Methods of web application authentication. JWT, overview of RFC 7519, benefits of JWT JWT + HttpClient
  • Animation
  • Discovering changes and zone.js
  • Zone.js. NgZone, Tick
  • Managing application states and debugging
  • Management with Redux (ngrx). Time-Travel debugging
  • Webpack in Angular
  • Testing in Angular
  • Frameworks and libraries for testing (Jest/Jasmine/Mocha/Chai). Mocks. Units tests, test-bed tests, component testing E2E testing (Protractor/phantomjs)
  • Optimization
  • PWA: what they are and why its important to know them. Service Workers PWA in Angular. Server side rendering, Isomorphic Apps
. Peculiarities of build for production


  • More efficiently use Angular modules
  • Utilize referenced libraries and frameworks
  • Increase the efficiency of application testing and debugging
  • Use advanced features, including optimization

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Designers


  • Experience in web development
  • Experience in Angular and TypeScript development
  • Preferable to take part in our Angular 8 course

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