Applied Networking Protocols

In this training we look at Applied Networking Protocols (Static / Dynamic approach), in a practical manner with real-life examples over various networking topologies.
Code: TLC-019
Duration: 9 hours


We explore the most important networking protocols, and gain some experience working with various vendor networking devices. The approach is a practical one, running multiple networking scenarios over a physical environment having multiple networking devices and Linux boxes.

We focus on practical skills backed by live demos, but adequate theoretical notions are also given as needed. The training is intended for people accustomed to basic networking concepts.

Those taking this course will be able to manage aspects of networking tasks and issues, gaining knowledge through an organized approach. You will be exposed to most of the well-known networking device vendors like CISCO, Nortel, D-Link, Extreme Networks, and Linux networking concepts.

As a result you will understand how to work with concepts such as TCP/IP stacks, packets encapsulation/decapsulation, routing tables, neighbor/arp/mac tables, static routing, packets capture, logical loops, and traffic injection.

The course can also be adapted for dynamic routing protocols (entry to advanced level). If requested, we can focus on OSPF or BGP networking protocols with various networking topologies, practical approaches, debugging scenarios - all in a practical manner (sharing all info).


  • L2. Ping, packets capture, analysis
  • L2. VLANs. Ping, packets capture, analysis
  • L3. VLANs. Ping, packets capture, analysis
  • L2-L3. VLANs, trunk port, ping, packets capture, analysis
  • DHCP
  • HTTP(s)
  • FTP
  • TFTP
  • DNS
  • STP
  • Port mirroring
  • SSH
  • OSPF
  • BGP


  • Understand and configure Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices
  • Configure DHCP, HTTP(s), FTP, TFTP client server environments
  • Understand, use and configure port mirroring
  • Understand DNS client-server model
  • Understand and use SSH for remote connection
  • Understand OSPF & BGP 
  • Understand packet capture and analysis
  • Upgrade Linux knowledge

Target Audience

  • QA Engineers who perform testing in networked environments under Unix/Linux
  • Everyone who wants to gain practical networking experience
  • Everyone who is interested in gaining knowledge about networking and Linux networking areas
  • Everyone who is interested in refreshing their networking and Linux skills


Basic networking concepts.

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