Change Management

This course helps you understand the impact of change initiatives and how to manage your people’s reactions to change.
Code: SS-073
Duration: 12 hours


The environment in which organizations operate in today is more complex and challenging than ever before. Companies are being impacted by external factors that demand change from within. As a result, managers are under intense pressure to find solutions. At the same time, the conditions inside organizations make executing change strategies tougher and tougher.

Developing the right skills can make the difference between a seamless change and a rather painful one. This course teaches you how to successfully plan change initiatives and how to manage people’s reactions to it.


  • Realities in the business world
  • Activate capability to change
  • Communicate for results
  • Monitor team mood


  • Acknowledge the pivotal role change capability plays in improved organizational and individual performance
  • Take high payoff actions to build change capability in their organizations.
  • Maximize employee commitment—and encourage the commitment of others—to making change happen
  • Work towards ensuring that expected change results are realized

Target Audience

  • Managers
  • Team leaders

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