C++ Standard Template Library

Master STL and increase your C++ language knowledge through case studies and exercises.
Code: C-007
Duration: 31 hours


This training is a deep dive into the Standard Template Library components such as functions, containers, algorithms and iterators. You will discover how you can simplify your code and get to know the philosophy behind C++.

With the help of 19 practice sessions, you will have the opportunity to exercise what you learn and be able to solve some common interview problems in a C++ way and answer common interview questions.


Methodology overview
Functional objects
  • Generic programming and callable objects
  • Functions relation with STL
  • Transformations between different function types (function adaptors)

  • Contains visual representation, implementation details, use cases, corner cases, and operations overview for all containers
  • Container classification is given and explained
  • Sequence containers: Common, Vector, List, Forward list, Deque
  • Container adaptors
  • Ordered associative
  • Unordered associative
  • Pseudo containers

  • Iterator model, classes, properties and operations are investigated
  • Implementation for stream iterators and iterator adaptors

Algorithms overview
Non-modifying algorithms
Modifying algorithms
Sorting and searching


  • Familiarize yourself with the STL tools
  • Learn how to use STL classes and utilities
  • Know the cost of used tools
  • How to write code with modern C++
  • Understand the STL philosophy

Target Audience

  • C++ Developers (Junior/Regular/Senior)
  • C Developers (Regular/Senior)


  • Basic knowledge of C++
  • Basic knowledge of CMake, GTest, Git

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