Defect Management

Get an insight into basics of defect management.
Code: SQA-024
Duration: 15 hours


During our software testing training you’ll learn about various defect types, defect management operations, common defects for various types of software, and acquire the necessary skills to work with defect database using JIRA and Clear Quest.

Exercises and practical skills mastered during this course aim to reinforce your knowledge in testing and test results reporting.


  • Defect management activities
  • Types of defects detected on different stages of testing
  • Common defects for various types of applications
  • Defect management operations
  • Tools for working with a defect database
  • Practical exercises. Working with a defect database in a test project using JIRA


  • How to correctly assess and describe defects, and cope with them in a proper way
  • How to perform testing according to a plan
  • How to work with a defect database using JIRA and Clear Quest

Target Audience

  • Aimed at all project roles (no software testing experience required)

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