Intro to Functional Safety - ISO 26262 standard

During the course we will cover the ISO 26262 standard and its various parts.
Code: AUT-016
Duration: 6 hours


This training offers an introduction into functional safety in the Automotive industry, more specifically the ISO 26262 standard. An international standard for the functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems in serial production road vehicles.

During the course we will cover the ISO 26262 standard and its various parts and also gives you an overview of all the sections of the standard and how you can apply them in your projects.


  • Introduction to Functional Safety
  • The ISO 26226 standard
  • Management of Functional Safety
  • Concept Phase
  • System Phase
  • Hardware level
  • Software level
  • SEooC
  • Supporting process
  • Summary


  • Offer participants an understanding with regard to safety according to the ISO 26262 standard
  • Learn how to differentiate between ASPICE and functional safety
  • Know the differences between safety and functional safety
  • What are the roles and responsibilities in Functional Safety
  • Safety life cycle

Target Audience

  • Any IT professional involvement in automotive projects

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