Java SE. UML

This module of our Java training focuses on UML diagrams.
Code: JVA-049
Duration: 4 hours


This is one of the five modules of our Java training program and can be studied both separately or alongside the other four: Java Basics, Java OOP, Inner classes and exceptions and Generics

In this training participants will begin developing the basic knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop programs in Java Platform SE. The course covers the basics of object-oriented programming, the use of UML for designing application architecture, the basics of the Java language (language types, operators, classes, packages, exception) as well as multiple practical examples.

This module focuses on UML diagrams.


Introduction to UML
  • UML tasks
  • Types of diagrams
  • Class diagram
  • State diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Other diagrams overview


  • How to read basic types of UML diagrams.

Target Audience

  • University graduates that can program and want to learn the Java language
  • Practicing developers in other programming languages (C / C ++ / PHP / C #, etc.) who want to learn the Java language


  • Experience in software development

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