Java Message Service

This training covers all the major aspects of JMS, with information, comparison and examples both on JMS 1.1 and JMS 2.0.
Code: JVA-061
Duration: 8 hours


This training covers all the major aspects of JMS, with information, comparison and examples both on JMS 1.1 and JMS 2.0. The providers that are used are ActiveMQ and OpenMQ. During the course participants will also have the opportunity to write their own applications using JMS.


Introduction to JMS
  • Point-to-Point messaging – fire and forget
  • Publish-Subscribe messaging
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Installing and Configuring ActiveMQ
  • JMS 1.1 primary interfaces
  • JMS 1.1 API programming model
  • Maven configuration

JMS message headers and properties
  • JMS Message Header Fields
  • JMSMessageID
  • JMSDestination
  • JMSExpiration
  • JMSPriority
  • JMSDeliveryMode
  • JMSTimestamp
  • JMSCorrelationID
  • JMSRedelivered
  • JMS Message Properties
  • JMS Application Header Properties
  • Change message properties
  • Check message properties

JMS 1.1. request/reply messaging
  • Request/reply using JMSCorrelationID
  • Request/reply using QueueRequestor

JMS 1.1. publish/subscribe messaging
  • Publish-Subscribe messaging model
  • Observer pattern
  • Subscriber types
  • Non-durable subscriber
  • Durable subscriber
  • Controlling durable subscribers

Message selectors, acknowledgement modes
  • No selector messaging
  • Selectively receive messages
  • Message selectors
  • Literals
  • Operators
  • JMSSender
  • JMSAsyncReceiver
  • Design considerations
  • Setting the acknowledgment mode

JMS 2.0 Fundamentals
  • Installing and configuring OpenMQ
  • Administrate OpenMQ
  • JMS 2.0 simplified API
  • Issues with the classic API
  • JMS2Sender

JMS 2.0 simplified API Features
  • Use the JMS simplified API to set message headers
  • JMS2Sender
  • JMS2Receiver
  • Managing JMS 2.0 standard header properties
  • Request/reply using JMSCorrelationID
  • JMS2SharedSubscriber


  • Offer participants the major concepts and information that’s necessary for applications development using JMS.

Target Audience

  • Java developers
  • Java Architects


  • OOP
  • Java

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