Kubernetes Fundamentals

At the end of the training you will have enough materials and the basic prep required for Kubernetes Certifications (CKAD, CKA).
Code: ADM-021
Duration: 20 hours


While more and more businesses are rapidly shifting towards microservices architecture, containers are becoming the main technology for packaging applications. With some industry leaders running billions of containers a week, it can quickly become overly complex to manage these infrastructures. Enter Kubernetes, an open source cloud agnostic platform designed to manage containerized workloads.

Kubernetes provides a framework that takes care of scaling and resiliency while implementing Google’s battle-tested experience with deployment best practices. Learning Kubernetes is not only useful for managing containers, as several concepts carry over to Cloud Services - smoothing the learning curve for any major Cloud Platform Provider (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.).

Each module of the training includes practice and exercises. You will learn how to join a multitude of computers in a quorum that runs containerized workloads, the advantages, costs, and limitations of running your infrastructure with Kubernetes - as well as how to properly design and configure services to run in an orchestrated environment.

At the end of the training you will have enough materials and the basic prep required for Kubernetes Certifications (CKAD, CKA). The workshops strive to cover all general exam domains and offer exercises that follow a similar template. As exam difficulty is quite high, preparation through extra activities should be performed before attempting it.


  • Introduction: docker, containers, pods, multi-container pods
  • Setting up a cluster
  • Set a cluster in Luxoft Cloud with kubeadm
  • Exercise: setup a local cluster
  • Kubernetes Objects
  • Controllers used for managing pods
  • Networking in Kubernetes
  • Network requests to pods
  • Exercise: familiarize yourself with the official documentation and find out more about controllers
  • Configuration management and persistence
  • Exercise: Configuration Management
  • Selectors and Scheduling
  • Exercise: Debugging
  • CNIs + Calico
  • Security
  • Exercise: Admission Controllers + Pod Security Policies
  • Extra Resources to prep for Kubernetes Exams (CKAD – Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, CKA – Certified Kubernetes Administrator)
  • Q&A


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • decide if Kubernetes is a good choice for your project
  • deploy and configure Kubernetes clusters - extra preparation will be required for the production level
  • develop new services that adhere to the Kubernetes philosophy
  • perform activities in secure and restrictive Kubernetes Platforms - such as Staging and Production Clusters in client environments

Target Audience

  • This training is aimed at anyone looking to get into cloud technologies or deciding if Kubernetes is a good solution for them (developers, testers, operations, managers etc.).


  • Linux Basics (ssh, package managers, working with files...)

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