Managing Performance

This workshop provides skills that managers can use in different situations related to performance discussions.
Code: SS-069
Duration: 8 hours


This workshop offers managers skills that can be used in different situations related to performance discussions.

As a manager, supervisor or leader of a team, you must help others do the work that ultimately makes an organization successful. And you must ensure employee performance aligns with the direction and strategy of the organization. The skills taught in this workshop help participants prepare for and conduct different types of performance-related discussions.


  • Planning for performance discussions
  • Inefficient performance planning
  • Clarifying performance expectations
  • Correcting performance problems
  • What to avoid during performance reviews
  • Stimulating active participation during a performance review


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • recognize the challenges individuals might have in achieving their goals and develop strategies to overcome these challenges
  • prepare for a focused performance management conversation to address expectation setting, poor performance, and performance appraisals
  • identify when a performance expectation discussion is necessary
  • respond effectively to questions and concerns people have about work priorities and goals
  • use key actions to hold a productive discussion about expectations
  • demonstrate a set of key actions for correcting performance problems
  • conduct focused conversations about poor performance that result in actions toward improvement

Target Audience

  • Managers with more than 1 year experience.

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