Oracle® 11g: Performance Tuning of SQL Expressions

The course describes the methodology that can be used for solving various performance problems related to Oracle® SQL – more specifically the 11g version.
Code: DB-002
Duration: 32 hours


The course describes the methodology that can be used for solving various performance problems related to Oracle SQL – more specifically the 11g version.


  • Tuning methodology
  • Processing SQL expressions
  • EXPLAIN and AUTOTRACE: tools used to monitor execution plan of SQL statement
  • Performance diagnostics tools SQL*TRACE and TKPROF
  • Rule-Based Optimization and Cost-Based Optimization
  • Indexes and the main methods of data access
  • Statistics collection for optimizer
  • Operation modes of optimizer. Factors influencing optimizer’s work. Hints to optimizer
  • Sorting and merging tables
  • Query execution plan (Stored Outline)
  • Extended indexing features (bitmap indexes and function-based indexes)
  • Materialized views and temporary tables
  • Alternative data storage (Index-organized tables and clustered indexes)
  • New features of version 11g


  • Understand the stages of executing SQL expressions
  • How to retrieve statistical data on execution of SQL expressions
  • Solving performance problems by adjusting SQL expressions

Target Audience

  • Database administrators
  • System administrators
  • Application developers
  • Software Testers

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