Python Fundamentals

This complex training course helps participants understand the Python language from the basic aspects to the more advanced functions.
Code: SCRIPT-006
Duration: 40 hours


Python is a remarkably powerful and dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of applications and domains, including finance or telecom. This complex training course helps participants understand the Python language from the basic aspects to the more advanced functions.

Python is often compared to Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby or Scheme.


Module 1. Introduction
  • Why python?
  • Executing Python Code
  • Execution model variations
  • Running python scripts
  • Very basic control structures
  • Function syntax
  • Debugging python scripts
  • Modules/packages

Module 2. Basic types
  • Basic types: numeric
  • Basic types: strings
  • String type
  • Lab 1: Simple scripts

Module 3. Sequence types
  • Sequence types
  • List/sequence functions
  • The dictionary type
  • Using set/frozenset type
  • Other sequence types/functions

Module 4. I/O operations
  • Basic file operations
  • Path operations
  • Communicate with external processes
  • Parsing command line arguments

Module 5. Additional control structures
  • Context manager and with/as
  • Comprehensions
  • Creating generator functions
  • Lab 2: Scripts with sequence types

Module 6. Regular expressions in Python
  • Regular expression elements
  • Use cases for flags
  • Additional features in regular expressions
  • Lab 3: Regular expressions

Module 7. Python development tools
  • Document your code
  • Testing frameworks
  • Logging in python
  • Parallel processing

Module 8. Advanced topics
  • Decorator

Module 9. Object oriented programming in Python
  • OOP basics
  • Member functions
  • Member attributes
  • Operators
  • Class/function decorators
  • Python class template
  • Lab 4: Python OO

Module 10. Python Database API
  • Connecting to DB API compliant Relational Database
  • Management Systems

Module 11. Creating graphical user interfaces
  • Python/Tkinter
  • Tkinter widgets and their standard attributes ◦Dimensions
  • Organizing widgets in the parent widget area

Module 12. Introduction to the Python Django WEB application framework
  • Architecture
  • Creating a Hello world project
  • Managing settings
  • Lab 5: Using frameworks


  • Learn advanced Python techniques
  • Recap basic features, OOP
  • Advanced features – decorators, templates
  • How to use regular expression in Python
  • Learn how to use Python Database API
  • Learn how to use Python development tools - testing frameworks, documentation, parallel processing, logging
  • Create graphical interfaces with Python/Tkinter
  • Know about Django framework

Target Audience

Developers, system administrators, and QA engineers, who wish to be able to develop, automate and test applications and systems using one of the most powerful programming languages available today.


  • Python basics course or previous contact with Python is a must (personal projects, previous jobs, etc.)
  • Basic general programming knowledge – OOP, database, web programming
  • Basic scripting language knowledge.
  • Ability to understand logical code flows.

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