React Advanced

This training is aimed at experienced React Developers and focuses on the more advanced topics related to this programming language.
Code: WEB-023
Duration: 36 hours


Our training covers advanced topics like GraphQL and Apollo Client, React Portal and React Context as well working with side effects in Redux with the use of redux-saga and redux-observable. We will also discuss about testing Redux, React hooks and components, working with forms via Formik and the react-hook-form. Participants will also have the chance to learn about CI/CD approaches and containers, using Lerna and Rush for big projects, Server Side Rendering, advanced topics of using hooks, code splitting, and lazy loading.


Work with GraphQL
  • Core concepts. SDL
  • Queries. Directives
  • Resolvers
  • Apollo platform
  • Apollo studio
  • Apollo client
  • State management
  • Subscriptions
  • Apollo CLI

React Portal. React Context
Work with side-effects in Redux
  • Redux-saga
  • Redux-observable

  • Testing-library-dom
  • Testing Redux
  • Testing hooks
  • E2E testing

  • Formik
  • React-hook-form

Lerna/Rush for big projects
  • Manyrepo & Monorepo
  • Monorepo with Lerna
  • Monorepo with Rush
  • Pnpm package manager

Advanced topics of React hooks
  • Lifecycle with hooks
  • Memoization
  • useContext, useEffect
  • useMemo, useCallback and useRef
  • useImperativeHandle
  • useLayoutEffect
  • custom hooks in popular libraries

Code splitting / Lazy loading
CI/CD for the frontend


  • Introduce you to advanced React topics and also giving usage examples

Target Audience

  • React Developers


  • Experience in React Development

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