School of testing. Test design

The course covers the basic concepts of test design, methodology of test case development based on UC, approaches to designing test plans and writing test scripts, as well as features of test plans for different types of testing.
Code: SQA-028
Duration: 16 hours


The course covers the basic concepts of test design, methodology of test case development based on UC, approaches to designing test plans and writing test scripts, as well as features of test plans for different types of testing.
We describe the basic methods of functional and configuration testing based on the functional and configuration requirements of the software product. The course considers major approaches to writing the test design. It covers the concepts of functional and configuration testing as well as methods of testing reliability and stability.

School of testing presents alternative test methodologies, such as model-based testing, the Markov model testing and testing by business cycles. We talk about the specifics of developing tests to check various areas and the main methods to monitor and control the test object coverage by the tests.


Test Design Activities
Peculiarities of working with requirements
Traceability matrix of requirements coverage by test cases. How to identify, assess, and monitor
Test Plan (overall), High Level Design (HLD), Detailed Design (DLD)
Objectives of writing the test plan
Test Plan Structure
Test Plan Types
Test Plan Development Stages
Characteristics of a good test plan
Test case characteristics in different test types
Equivalence Classes
Boundary Values
Error Handling
Features of test design for different application types
Functional Testing
  • Functional Testing Definition
  • Place of functional testing in the software testing process
  • Functional Requirements Analysis
  • Functional Testing Methods
  • Test Ideas
  • Characteristics of a good test
  • Methodologies for functional test case development
Other test methodologies
  • Model-Based Testing
  • Markov Model
  • Testing by Business Cycles
Configuration Testing
Methods of reliability and robustness testing
Testing of various types of areas
Static Software Testing
  • Static Testing Types
  • Static Testing Stages
  • Advantages and disadvantages of main types of static testing
  • Static testing of documents


After the training the attendees will:
  1. Have a holistic view about the basics of designing and writing test plans, and designing test cases;
  2. Have an understanding of requirements and peculiarities of working with UC;
  3. Have an understanding of functional testing, understand the basic methods of functional testing;
  4. Be able to create traceability matrix of UC covering by test cases;
  5. Be able to design and write test plans based on UC;
  6. Have an understanding of equivalence classes;
  7. Get practical recommendations on development of the functional test design and testing various types of areas;
  8. Get introduced to configuration testing and application reliability and robustness testing;
  9. Be able to overview alternative approaches to testing;
  10. Be able to review project documents;
  11. Learn to identify areas of application testing;
  12. Learn to identify the necessary types of testing;
  13. Learn to design test cases and test data;
  14. Try in practice the basic approaches to test cases design.

Target Audience

Testers and Junior Test Designers.

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This course was very useful for me. The practical exercises helped me to better understand the theoretical notions and is a big help for the ISTQB examination. The presentation was very well documented and the information was very easy to understand.
The training helped me to develop my knowledge in testing methods.
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