Test Automation School. Selenium WebDriver

An introduction into automated testing where you’ll learn about the design and development of automated tests with Selenium Web Driver in Java and JUnit.
Code: SQA-050
Duration: 24 hours


In our training you will learn about the main concepts of web programming required for automated testing and get acquainted with the main concepts of testing ecosystems in Java and available frameworks.

You will receive hands-on experience with Selenium Web Driver – from interaction with a web page and writing separate tests to building a test design. Basic design patterns will be reviewed, as well as refactoring of automated testing designs.


Introduction to Web for Testers
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to Testing in Java
  • Testing Ecosystem in Java
  • JUnit Framework

Using Selenium Web Driver
  • DOM-based Navigation in a Web Document
  • Running and Managing a Test Scenario on WebDriver
  • Actions on a Web Page with WebDriver
  • Special Features of WebDriver

Test Design Architecture on Selenium WebDriver
  • Design basics
  • Automated Test Patterns

  • Creating a project template
  • Checking elements display on a form without parametrization
  • Using collections. Search inside an element. Data from a file
  • Working with element attributes. Using an Actions class
  • Working in several tabs. Indirect checks. Failure protection
  • Using Javascript in tests. Expectations
  • Refactoring, screenshots, reports


  • How to automate tests for different parts of a web application
  • How to analyze and select a required set of automated tests for web projects
  • Use JUnit framework (Version 5) in testing automation processes
  • Design and build automated functional tests with Selenium Web Driver Java
  • Apply Allure framework for generating reports

Target Audience

  • Software testers
  • Testing automation engineers
  • Load testing specialists
  • Testing team managers

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