Test automation using Cucumber

This training is developed to help you become familiar with the gherkin and cucumber frameworks designed for Behavior Driven Development (BDD).
Code: SQA-047
Duration: 20 hours


BDD i.e. Behavior Driven Development helps in maintaining an effective and clear testing process, making the test automation process simple and effective for developers and testers.

This training covers test automation and “how to” approaches for effective BDD testcases writing in collaboration with Selenium WebDriver, Rest Assured, SikuliX, Gradle and others. Cucumber is an Open Source test automation tool that has gained a lot of popularity in software testing.

Nowadays, it's a flagship Behavior Driven Development tool you should add to your skill set. Cucumber uses plain text executable specifications to test software. This makes it easier to use and understand and so it is bridging the gap between business people and IT-specialists.


  • Behaviour-Driven Development
  • Gherkin Language
  • How Cucumber tool Works
  • Creating a Feature
  • Creating Step Definitions
  • Adding an Assertion
  • Scenarios
  • Writing Runner class
  • Writing regular expression
  • Pretty, Tags and Glue
  • Multiple Captures
  • Background
  • Data Tables
  • Scenario Outline
  • Hooks
  • Dependency Injection
  • Writing Tags to Scenario and features
  • Running selected tests
  • Generating Cucumber reports


  • Explore the usage of the Gherkin Language to write meaningful and smart Feature files
  • Understand Scenario, Steps, Backgrounds, Scenario Outlines, and Data Tables
  • Discover the concepts of Glue Code and Step Definitions in detail
  • Gain insights into the different types of Step Definitions, Regular Expressions, Doc Strings, Data Table transformations, and Capture Groups
  • Master the advanced concepts of implementing Tags and Hooks
  • Override default Cucumber options and settings along with different output report formats
  • Run Jenkins and Cucumber from Terminal while running various Cucumber Scenarios in parallel

Target Audience

  • Manual Testers
  • Automation testers
  • Developers
  • Managers


  • Basic knowledge of Java

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