Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Our training introduces participants to one of the engineering practices of agile development - test-driven development.
Code: DEV-009
Duration: 16 hours


Our training introduces participants to one of the engineering practices of agile development - test-driven development. It offers both a theoretical overview of unit testing as well as exercises where participants can practice what they learned. It is useful for junior developers, regardless of the methodologies used in the project they are involved or will be involved in.


Unit Tests
  • Levels of testing: system, integration, and unit testing
  • Goals and objectives of unit testing
  • Module definition
  • Difference between unit testing and debugging
  • Organization of unit testing
  • Use of mock-and stub-objects
  • Notion of code coverage
  • Coverage levels
  • Coverage analysis
  • Legacy code and unit tests
  • Why developers do not want to implement unit tests
  • Best practices of writing unit tests
  • xUnit: unit testing tools

  • Terms and definitions
  • What is TDD
  • TDD development cycle
  • TDD patterns
  • Patterns of red and green stripes
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the approach
  • Specifics of the application
  • TDD and code documentation
  • Implementation into development process
  • Standard errors

  • Application development using TDD
  • Analysis of results


  • A general understanding of testing goals and objectives
  • Learn to use patterns in unit test development
  • Become familiar with the syntax and gain practical experience in using one of the test environments of the xUnit (JUnit / NUnit) family
  • Master the practice of Test Driven Development
  • Learn how to use TDD patterns
  • Receive practical experience in application development using TDD

Target Audience

The course is designed for developers (no restrictions related to the development platform). It is useful for both experienced developers who already have experience in unit testing and want to introduce the TDD practice into the project development process and junior developers who want to get an introduction to the basics of unit testing.


  • Experience in C # or Java development

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