Test Management Introduction

The course is an introduction into test management.
Code: SQA-030
Duration: 10 hours


The course introduces concepts such as software quality and software development quality. You will learn about the relationship between testing and quality and about issues related to process and testing quality. This course will also talk about the role of risk management. It will show participants the importance of risks in testing, the relationship between risks and requirements, risks and priorities as well as risks and defects.

Our Test Management course covers the test lifecycle including test planning, preparation and running, as well as test results evaluation and software release readiness. We will describe the main activities and artifacts of testing, activity distribution by roles and project phases, test management, planning and control as well as phase completion criteria.

Last but not least participants will get an insight into the types of interactions between the test manager and project manager and the most important metrics for software defects, their application in test processes and test result evaluation.


  • Quality theory basics
  • Role of testing in the project; objectives of testing
  • Validation and verification concepts
  • Testing in board and narrow senses
  • Types of static testing (technical review)
  • Value of testing for quality system
  • Concepts of test quality and product quality
  • Risks of testing, risk response strategy
  • Relationship between risks, priorities and software defects
  • Test phases, results, team members and activity types by test phase
  • Test planning
  • Test strategy
  • Test tactics: rounds, planning and running
  • Test result evaluation and readiness criteria
  • Testing metrics


  • Understanding the fundamentals of testing and quality
  • The difference and correlation between process and product quality
  • Understanding the connection between product requirements, testing and product quality
  • How to approach the testing in terms of risk management
  • A complete picture of activities, work products and roles in software testing process
  • How to use basic defect metrics

Target Audience

Testers, test designers and junior test managers. 

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Recommended Reading:

Testing Computer Software, by C. Kaner, Jack L. Falk and Hung Quoc Nguyen; Kindle Edition, 1999

Critical Testing Processes: Plan, Prepare, Perform, Perfect by Rex Black; Addison-Wesley Professional,2003



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