Web application development with Servlets 2.5

The course introduces the basic technology of Web application development with the Java EE platform.
Code: JVA-020
Duration: 12 hours


The course introduces the basic technology of Web application development with the Java EE platform. It gives an insight into Java Servlets and provides an overview of HTTP protocol as the main protocol for communicating with applications in a WEB environment. The course includes both theoretical classes and practical exercises that aim to develop the necessary skills for working with Java Servlets.


HTTP Protocol Basics
  • Test stateless protocol
  • Request/response model
  • Request/response structure
  • HTTP parameters and headers
  • HTTP cookies
Java Web application
  • What is web application?
  • What is web/servlet container
  • Web application structure
  • Documents root
  • WEB-INF/classes, WEB-INF/lib
  • WEB-INF/web.xml
Servlets 2.5 specification
  • Servlet
  • Lifecycle
  • Processing HTTP request, forming HTTP response
  • Parameters, attributes, headers and cookies (the purpose, difference and hot to work with)
  • Application state maintenance (application/session/request)
  • Listener and Filter - the purpose and API
  • The purpose and How to use it
  • Syntax
  • Custom Tags Basics


  • Understand what a web application is and how it is different from other usual applications (like standalone ones).
  • Key points in communication with applications via HTTP protocol.
  • Learn the theoretical principles of web application development on the Java EE platform.
  • To get practical experience in web application development on the Java EE platform using Java Servlets technology.

Target Audience

Junior Java developers and developers who dont have enough experience in Java Servlets technology.

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