Working in virtual teams

Tips, strategies and solutions for working in virtual teams.
Code: SS-999
Duration: 4 hours


Working in virtual teams has recently become a standard for many of us. We now not only work with colleagues from around the world, but we also mainly work outside the office. In addition to many benefits, working in virtual teams also entails a number of new challenges.

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity find solutions and strategies to approach these challenges, as well as receive a set of practical tips that will improve the work in virtual teams.


  • How to organize your work and maintain work-life balance
  • How to motivate yourself and not procrastinate
  • How to communicate effectively when working in a virtual team
  • How to establish relationships and build trust in virtual teams


  • Increase efficiency when working in a virtual team
  • Familiarize yourself with best practices for working in virtual teams

Target Audience

  • Any member of a virtual team

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