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Trust in the Team. What influences trust

Well start from the factor that generally help building trust or things that can influence it.

Trust in the Team: Myths

In the second part ouf our series on trust in teams we take a look at some of the myths associated with this concept.

Trust in the Team: Why We Need It and How It Can Be Built

When training managers of any level (from small team leads to project/program managers), most trainers focus on various managerial competencies, such as goal setting, planning, effective communication, etc., and on general concepts such as leadership and management.

Excluding the Historical Reasons Factor in Android Mobile Projects. Continued

Time for part two of our article on Android Mobile Projects. Check it out.

Remote Management. Work Schedule

Set up a work schedule for all locations. This advice may seem silly everyone has an employment contract where working hours are stated. Why set up a work schedule?

Remote Management. Rules

Lets now discuss some approaches that can be used by the manager in order to properly interact with distributed team members, make them understand what is expected from them and how to achieve it.

Excluding the Historical Reasons Factor in Android Mobile Projects

Today Im going to touch on the topic of refactoring, technical duty, and the historical reasons factor, or rather how to avoid it.

Luxoft Training adds Atlassian courses to training portfolio

Whether you are a programmer, software tester, project manager, business analyst or in any way involved in a large scale project, chances are youve worked or at least have heard about software solutions such as Jira or Confluence.

Remote Management. Trust

In our last article we talked about some of the common challenges that might appear when managing a distributed team. If you have a closer look at such situations and try to find something common about them, you will notice that they are all based on two main aspects:

Remote Management. What? Why? How?

Aspiring managers often get scared when they are offered the opportunity to take over 2 or 3 new members (or a whole team) working in another location. 

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