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Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Strategies to Close Cross-Cultural Gaps

The Internet seems to be the perfect channel for finding business opportunities and connecting people and ideas across the world, but accessing it won’t guarantee you the massive results you dreamed of. According to the International Labor Organization (2009), 70% of cross-boundaries business ventures fail due to cultural differences.

Spring JDBC Development - Using Spring

In our first article we started talking about how to write DAOs with the help of Spring. Let’s continue.

Architecture, refactoring or what’s really important. Part 2

In the first part of the article we looked at whether refactoring is good for you, what if offers as well as the consequences. Let’s continue our discussion.

Architecture, refactoring or what’s really important

In the life cycle of every project there is a moment when the question of refactoring arises. Engineers want something new, fashionable, and interesting to appear in the project. The business needs to get a new functionality faster and faster. And the project team say they get tired of making changes and need refactoring. Does it sound familiar?

Spring JDBC Development – A Practical Approach

The general architecture of an application includes a few layers, as presented into the picture below:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Making Presentations. Part 2.

In the first part of our article we looked at the first three deadly sins of a presentation: not defining a goal, looking at your presentation as a PPT document and lack of structure in your presentation. Let’s now look at the last four.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Making Presentations

I often deal with various presentations, both as a consultant helping to prepare them as well as a member of the audience. And I have come to the conclusion that the ability to prepare and deliver presentations does not depend on your position in the company, whether you are a manager or a rank-and-file employee, an analyst working with the customer or a team lead working.

Agile Life Planning: Updating your Backlog of Personal Goals and Objectives – part 2

In the first part of the our article we looked at what a backlog is and how we can apply grooming to it in order to make sure that our goals always stay relevant. Let’s continue our discussion on this subject.

Agile Life Planning: Updating your Backlog of Personal Goals and Objectives

In our previous articles about Agile Life Planning we talked about how to determine a set of life goals, and make a list of objectives and steps to achieve them. This article deals with the next stage of Agile Life Planning. Its purpose is to ensure a regular revision of that list, constantly updating the backlog of goals and objectives.

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