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Remote Management. Trust

In our last article we talked about some of the common challenges that might appear when managing a distributed team. If you have a closer look at such situations and try to find something common about them, you will notice that they are all based on two main aspects:

Remote Management. What? Why? How?

Aspiring managers often get scared when they are offered the opportunity to take over 2 or 3 new members (or a whole team) working in another location. 

Preparing for the future at Bucharest Technology Week

Predicting the future is a challenging prospect but what we do know for sure is that technology will play a big part in it. The future was also the main theme behind this year’s edition of Bucharest Technology Week, the largest urban technology festival in Romania.

Android Legacy. Part 2

In the first part of our article we started to look at a template we can use for Android legacy projects. Let’s continue our discussion on the issue.

Android Legacy. Part 1

Hello, in today’s article I’m going to talk about legacy projects. So, imagine a situation: you got into an Android legacy project and the manager demanded an action plan from you. What follows is an approximate template that can be used for actual Android projects.

The most popular IT&C trainings in 2017

Interested in finding out which IT&C skills were most sought after last year? Well one of the best ways to find out is to look at the most popular courses requested by our clients.

Building Coaching Cultures. Part 2

In our first article we looked at some key ideas regarding coaching. Now when building a Coaching Culture, there will be certain selling points to consider. Let’s take a look at them.

One Tip to Make a Meeting Effective

This post describes an exercise that can be used by participants in meetings in order to make them more effective.

Building Coaching Cultures

As Coaching is a development tool that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum to command and control, Coaching culture is an organizational development model that provides the structure that defines how the organization's members can best interact with their working environment and how the best results are obtained and measured.

Weapons of Math Destruction

We live in a time where technology is progressing at an outstanding pace. High tech and Big Data increasingly influence our daily life. But is this influence always positive? Are new technologies making our world better, more comfortable to live in and fairer, or is maybe everything going the opposite way? These questions arise as you read the book by Cathy O’Neil Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.

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