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JUnit 5 – features

The third and last article of our three part serieson JUnit. This time we look at its features.

JUnit 5 – usage and first test

How to use JUnit 5 in a Java project, differences between JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 and testing with JUnit5.

JUnit 5 – New Architecture, New Features

The article would like to be a short introduction to JUnit 5, to provide the reader the possibility to understand the new architecture and new capabilities and to be able to explore further.

Luxoft Training joins the Digital Revolution

Every October Bucharest plays host to one of the most important IT&C events in south eastern Europe, Internet and Mobile World. A two day event that focuses on technology and brings together some of the most important companies, professionals and though leaders in the industry.

Luxoft Training talks Hibernate

Check out our presentation on Hibernate at an event organized by Today Software Magazine. Happy reading.

What an Agile Coach Can Learn from a Psychologist

I’ve been recently thinking about popular Agile frameworks and approaches to Agile transformation. It seems to me that they are too mechanistic, and this seems to me one of the reasons why many organizational transformation processes fail.

Why Scrum does not work (and what can we do about it)

Scrum is the most popular agile framework. Period. If we look at VersionOne 11th State of Agile report, Scrum is practiced by 58% of respondents (68% if we sum up Scrum and Scrum/XP hybrid). Among scaling frameworks Scrum dominates: while Scrum-of-Scrums has 27% (1% less than Scaled Agile Framework), Scrum-of-Scrums, LeSS and Nexus combined have 31%.

Make your meetings great (again)

When we think about changing organizational culture, what comes to mind first is a big project, involving an enormous amount of efforts on all organizational levels. But that is not always true.

Trust in the Team. Maintaining trust

To conclude our talk about trust, I would like to dwell on the main rules to be followed by the manager for building and maintaining a trust-based working environment within the project.

Trust in the Team. How trust develops.

Let’s have a look at Tuckman's stages of group development and find out how trust should form within a team. What should a manager in order to go through this process faster and more efficiently?

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