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On Software Development and the Book “Applying UML and Patterns”

A standard learning process has an interesting feature. Once we decide to learn something new, we start reading textbooks, attending courses and obtaining new knowledge by all available means. After some time we say “Enough!” to ourselves, give up education and move on to the practice (in the early stages of the theory there are some simple practical problems to solve, but they have no significant value).

KPI’s and conflicts of interest

Are there any KPI which affect the personal interests of the manager but can also lead to a win-win situation? The answer is no. Once there are KPI’s that affect the interest of the manager we will surely have a situation where the manager must choose between his interests or the interests of the project. And most will choose the former.

No Need for a Grid

Every enterprise application features some sort of the grid.  A grid being is an interactive table that presents a list of data with rows and columns. The most used features of the grid are paging, sorting and filtering. There are a lot of open source and proprietary grid components available for web building on top of jQuery and/or AngularJS. Some of them are quite code heavy and have steep learning curve. Moreover, none of them makes any assumptions about your server-side code, so they either work only on a client requiring you to load all data to the client beforehand or require you to write some sort of adapter functions that translate client-side messages to server-side messages.

The most important aspects to consider when creating an Automation strategy and plan

You have just made your case to upper management regarding test automation and your proposal has been accepted. Surprisingly, they were excited about how your automation plan can move testing much faster. Or, upper management simply asked you to start automating testing, as they are convinced of its benefits. In either case, you now have a blank check and a deadline to meet.

How do you become a professional tester?

The role of "tester" is now one of the most popular jobs in the software industry. While programming is taught in higher education institutions, testing unfortunately is seldom found in the curriculum. But if you choose to go down this professional path, testing can be learned with some effort.

How to have a nice dialogue about performance

Among the most challenging subjects for managers across industries, performance related conversations with team members is always somewhere on top. Now why is this so complicated? Isn’t it something like “Hey Jack, you’ve done a good job but I know you can make it even better…”?  

Luxoft Training is an Endorsed Education Provider by the International Institute of Business Analysis

For the third year in a row Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP ™) from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA ®). This status confirms the compliance of the training courses offered by Luxoft Training to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge BABOK ®. As a result specialists that want to take the CCBA ® / CBAP ® certification can earn the necessary Professional Development hours by taking part in our courses.

Luxoft Training assists to prepare for the BABOK certification

Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP ™) of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA ®), that confirms the compliance of the training courses, offered by Luxoft Training to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge BABOK ® and allows to train specialists for CCBA ® / CBAP ® certification exams.

Luxoft Opens 19th Global Office and Appoints Managing Director in Stuttgart, Germany

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands & MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luxoft Holding, Inc (NYSE:LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, today announced opening of its first delivery office in Germany and an appointment of Serkan Arslan as a Managing Director of Luxoft Germany GmbH and Global Director of Business Development for Automotive practice. Mr. Arslan will drive business development, sales and account management for Luxoft Automotive globally. Additionally, he will manage the company’s operations in Luxoft’s 19th global office in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sergey Teplyakov will speak at HOTCODE 2013

The conference will take place from May 31 till June 1 in Kiev. The HOTCODE conference is a platform for professional communication between the developers of various platforms and specializations: Ruby, JS, Python, Java, .NET, iOS, Android, PHP, DB, Functional Programming, DevOps, and Automation Testing.

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