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Can We Use HDFS as Back-up Storage?

Have you ever thought of using something which is highly available for Backup Storage? I recently strted t think but hw I uld imlement self hsted, slble, relible bkend infrstruture.

How to do Indexing in MongoDB with Elastic Search? Part 2

The second part of our article on indexing in MongoDB with Elastic Search. This time we will look at Elastic Search.

How to do Indexing in MongoDB with Elastic Search? Part 1

Nwdys its very mmn t hve serh feture in ny website r . This usully hens with ltfrms tht hve lts f infrmtin t ffer t their users.

How to store data on browser using NoSQL IndexedDB?

IndexedDB is lrge-sle, NSQL strge system. It lets yu stre just but nything in the users brwser. In dditin t the usul serh, get, nd ut tins, IndexedDB ls surts trnstins.

How to Apply MBTI in HR: Motivation for every day. Groups of People & their Motivations

So, we learned to determine the parameters from which four motivation groups are formed: ES, EN, IS and IN. Lets look now at the individual description of each of them.

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How to query time increase in Impala?

In one of my projects we hve Kibn dshbrd with l hrts weve built tht shw us interesting dt n the Iml queries frm the lst 14 dys.

How to Apply MBTI in HR: Motivation for every day


Any manager knows that motivated employees are the key to any companys success. Yet its very difficult to make sure that people, with completely different characters, views, and needs, will share the companys goals and work together to implement them.

Object-relational Mapping Using JPA, Hibernate and Spring Data JPA. Comparing the performance of persisting entities

The last article in our series on object-relational mapping using JPA, Hibernate and Spring Data JPA.

How to implement Matrix Multiplication using Map-Reduce?

There is one use case that we have to implement Matrix multiplication using Map Reduce.

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