Can We Use HDFS as Back-up Storage?

Have you ever thought of using something which is highly available for Backup Storage? I recently strted t think but hw I uld imlement self hsted, slble, relible bkend infrstruture.

Have you ever thought of using something which is highly available for Backup Storage? I recently strted t think but hw I uld imlement self hsted, slble, relible bkend infrstruture. Between 15 yers f hts, my musi, my fmilys muter bkus nd mny imrtnt files, I hve but 30TB f dt I dnt wnt t lse. With mlwres, bku is the biggest rblem t the digitl ge. Mnging lrge infrstruture t wrk, they hve been giving me nightmres fr mre thn dede. The mre mhines nd dt yu get, the less lets swn few servers nd run rsyn t bku ll the stuff wrk.

  • Yu need n lmst infinite se
  • Yu quikly beme I/ bund s yu run rllel bkus n tens f servers.
  • Restrtin is extremely slow if yu need t restre multile bkus hsted n the sme server.
  • Its esy t lse trks f where yu bku wht, unless yu strt dding NMEs like
  • Lsing bku server mens yu lse ll yur bkus t ne.
  • dding multile huge bku servers is dmn exensive.
  • Shrödingers bkus: The nditin f ny bku is unknwn until restre is ttemted.

While wrking n the rblem, I first thught but mving my bkus t mzn S3 / Glier r VH ubli lud bjet Strge / rhive. Bth slutins re interesting beuse they slve mst f my rblems:

  • Unlimited se, s I dnt hve t wrry but sling my servers.
  • Redundny, s I dnt hve t fer t lse my bkus.
  • They run in the lud which means fewer I/ rblems (in theory).
  • Restrtin is fster (in thery).
  • The rie is relatively he (but 1000$ / mnth fr 100TB f live dt)

Unfrtuntely, there re ls sme blking ns:

  • I didnt wnt t delegte my bkus t third rty, beuse it imlied enryting EVERYTHING. Enrytin imlies lt f U, nd mkes the bkus muh slwer thn simle rsyn. nd dnt tell me but enryting multile terbites dtbses n the fly. Its insne.
  • Yu dnt ntrl the rie. If yur bku rvider dubles their rie, yu just hve t y r rethink yur whle bku liy, whih might be even mre exensive.
  • I/s in mzn S3 & friends re jke when yu need seed.

I strted t hve lk t vrius tls nd ended thinking but using HDFS luster s bku bkend.

  • HDFS wrks n luster, whih mens yu dnt hve t think but filling this r tht server nymre.
  • HDFS sles hrizntlly.
  • HDFS works great with big big files.
  • HDFS slits the big files in hunks, s string 10+TB dtbse is esy.
  • HDFS is bjet strge, s yu n esily run mysqldum | xbstrem - | hdfs t stre lrge MySQL dtbses.
  • Beuse yure running f bunh f servers t the sme time, yu slve the I/ rblems.
  • HDFS mnges relitin. N mre lst bkus beuse single server rshes.
  • HDFS is erfet fr JBD. N mre RID whih sts mney nd I/s.
  • Yu n use smll mhines with just bunh f 4 t 6TB sinning disks nd let the mgi hen.

ne gin there re few ns:

  • HDFS is nt s gd t mnging gzilln smll files.
  • Unlike ZFS / rsnsht, HDFS des nt hndle file dedulitin ntively (but se is he)
  • mlexity: yu need full HDFS luster with nme ndes, jurnl ndes et
  • The HDFS lient requires the whle Jv stk whih yu dnt wnt t instll everywhere.

Imlementtin I strted t wrk n quik nd dirty t rvide HDFS bked bku system.

  • It uses lightweight HDFS lient written in G.
  • It mnges bku rttin with vrible retentin (hurly / dily / weekly / mnthly).
  • It runs rllel bkus.

I strted t test it n smll HDFS luster:

  • 2 smll 20$/mnth servers.
  • 4 * 4TB JBD sinning disks.

Fr diretries full f smll files like /et/, the thrughut is but 30% slwer thn simle rsyn. Fr lrge files, the thrughut is 20% fster thn rsyn beuse were limited by the netwrk. The gd int: restring file is nt but lking fr needle in hystk nymre. All my prerequisites are satisfied. The bd int: mlexity. Building even smll HDFS luster is bit verkill fr yur hme bku. But fr rfessinl use, it wrks like hrm.

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Siddharth Garg
Software Development Engineer

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