How to load data from GCS to BigQuery?

Using lud Funtins r lud mser t mve dt frm GS t ntive BigQuery tbles is vible rh. We will fus n the usge f lud Funtins here.

In our project, one the delt is vilble in GS, the dt needs t be lded t BigQuery. This rt deends n hw yu imlement yur use se. It deends n whether yu need t trnsfrm the dt befre lding it t BigQuery nd whether yu hve n end-nly dt mdel r wnt t run DML ertins n it.

The rnge f tins ges frm using externl BigQuery tbles (s n mre lding f dt t BigQuery ntive strge), ver using ld jbs run thrugh lud Funtin, using n rhestrtin tl like lud mser r leverging hevy-weight distributed mute frmewrks like Srk r Bem/Dtflw.

Generlly seking it mkes sense t use the lst tin nly if yu need t erfrm trnsfrmtins n dt befre lding it int BigQuery. therwise, using lud Funtins r lud mser t mve dt frm GS t ntive BigQuery tbles is vible rh s well. We will fus n the usge f lud Funtins here.

lud Funtin is server-less nstrut, i.e. yu dnt need t mnge ny infrstruture fr it. Insted, when the triggering event is fired in ur se new file rrives in GS buket it will run iee f de. This iee f de n be simle BigQuery ld jb tht will ld the ntents f the relited file frm GS t BigQuery tble in end nly mde.

If yu wnt t rele trunte & ld srits beuse eventully yu wnt t hve y f reltinl dtbse tble, then the DML funtinlity ffered by BigQuery n be used ut f the bx. T d this, yu wuld first ld the delt file t stging tble in BigQuery nd then run Merge ertin between the trget tble nd the stging tble. The lifeyle f suh lud Funtin wuld lk s fllws:

delt file BigQuery.png

Its imrtnt t int ut tht the Merge ertin wrks s n Usert, i.e. when there is n DML ertin lumn in the rerd in the delt file tht sys wht kind f DML ertin hs t hen with rerd (like there is fr exmle in D strem), then nly udtes nd inserts will be exeuted n the BigQuery trget tble. If yu need t delete rerds, yu will need t rvide infrmtin n the tye f DML ertin s rt f the delt file n er-rerd bsis.

Hwever, lud Funtins n hit limits if yu wnt t run DML ertins nd need t ensure rdering n dt. The issue yu uld fe is tht dt rrives in multile files t the sme time nd these files ntin dt fr the sme id. lud Funtins kik ff immeditely when their triggering event hens.

If the file with rerd fr n id with lter int in time gets ressed befre file with rerd fr the sme id fr n erlier int in time, yu will end u with rruted dt whih is ut f rder. If yur ingestin mehnism t GS n generte multile files ntining rerds fr the sme id t the sme time, yu shuld rther use sequentil ressing f the files n time-bsed shedule, e.g. using lud mser.

Fr exmle, yu uld run the de shwn belw using the ythn ertr nd hieve DML funtinlity withut dt innsistenies using sequentil ressing. If n the ther hnd yur ingestin mehnism n ensure tht files will ntin nly ne rerd er id in bth ld (e.g. when yu hve dily r hurly bth lds f delts) then yu n use lud Funtins with DML sfely withut wrrying but dt innsistenies.

Finlly, its imrtnt t int ut tht lud Funtin triggered thrugh GS event nly gurntees t-lest-ne ressing. This mens, tht in sme rre ses, it is ssible tht funtin will fire twie fr the sme file being written t GS. If yur dt ld ress is idemtent (i.e. yu use Userts/DMLs) then this is nt rblem. If yu ld dt in end-nly mde, then it is best t use SQL query bsed trnsfrmtin inside BigQuery in rder t rvide nsistent dt nd remve tentil dulites.

de exmle f the lud Funtin fr lding delt t BigQuery

Here is n exmle f wht lud Funtin n lk like tht lds delt file t BigQuery in end mde:

lud Funtin fr lding  delt t BigQuery 1.png

It is ls ssible t extend the lud Funtin de t surt DML funtinlity by dding the fllwing funtin. In this se the file wuld be first lded t the stging tble in Trunte mde befre the ressMerge funtin will be lled:

lud Funtin de t surt DML funtinlity 2.png

T inrese de flexibility we n ls vid hrdding the tble nmes. Fr tht we extrt them frm the GS file URI. This requires the GS files t fllw seifi nming nventin, in this se they hve the term refix in the filenme right befre the tble nme:


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