How to solve the issue of querying Kafka Streaming Data? Writing KSQL Query

The second part of our article on querying Kafka Streaming Data.

Writing KSQL Query

Listing 4 SQL fr erfrming stk nlysis

SQL fr erfrming stk nlysis.png

ne yu run this query, yull results similr t wht dislyed here in figure 5:

KSQL Query.png

Yull need t run ./grdlew runrduerIntertiveQueries t rvide dt fr the KSQL exmles.

The lumn n the left is the tiker symbl, nd the number is the number f shres trded fr tht symbl ver the lst ten sends. With this query, yuve seified tumbling windw f ten sends, but KSQL surts sessin nd hing windws s well. Nw yuve built streming litin withut writing ny de t ll; quite n hievement. Fr mrisn lets tke lk t the rresnding litin written in the Kfk Strems I:

Listing 5. Stk nlysis litin written in Kfk Strems.
Stk nlysis litin written in Kfk Strems.png
Even thugh the Kfk Strems I is nise, the equivlent yu wrte in KSQLs ne ne-liner query.

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