How to solve the problem of selective MPP queries over > 10 TB tables without performing a full table scan?

rtitins re gret timiztin if we knw whih lumns were ging t filter by nd wht kind f questins re ging t be sked n tht tble.

The rblem

rtitins re gret timiztin if we knw whih lumns were ging t filter by nd wht kind f questins re ging t be sked n tht tble.

But smetimes we dnt knw wht re ging t be the mst mmn BI questins n new kind f dt. nd smetimes we knw them but the huge vriety f vlues fr lumn mkes it imssible t be rtitined by. For example, lets sy I hve 1,000,000 event-driven sensrs (they send dt every time ertin event urs rund them). Every hur I get rerds stremed t my Hive tble frm nly 1,000 f them. fter ne yer Ill hve relly big tble.

My tble is rtitined by hurly DT (dte time). Tht hels when I wnt t sk questins tht filter n time. But wht if I wnt t erfrm ertin ggregtin n the vlues I gt frm seifi sensr in the st yer?

I uldnt rtitin my tble by the sensr ID, beuse I hve 1,000,000 f thse nd thts t muh.

If Ill wnt t erfrm the ggregtin bve with Iml/rest/Drill full tble sn will ur, nd thtll be t exensive nd will rbbly fil s the whle tble (>10TB) desnt fit in the memry.

S yu get the rblem nw, nlysts need t erfrm seletive queries ver relly big tbles nd their queries uses full (r lmst full) tble sns.

The Slutin: rtitin Index

We fund simle slutin t tht rblem. We reted smething we ll rtitin index.

rtitin Index.png

Wht is rtitin Index?

T exlin the ide Ill use the sensrs exmle gin. We reted dtset tht is bsilly ditinry f whih the key is the sensr ID nd the vlue is list f ll the DTs this sensr ID er in. Tht dtset is lled rtitin index.

It lks like this:

rtitin Index code.png

f urse there is muh mre timized mdel fr suh index but fr the simliity f tht rtile well stik t the ditinry mdel.

Generting & Mintining the Index

The ress f reting this rtitin index fr the first time is retty hevy, s it hs t ress eh nd every rerd in the tble. It n be dne with reltively simle Srk jb.

fter thts dne the nly thing we need t remember is t kee udting this rtitin index s new rtitins re dded t the tble.

Wht Kind f Tbles Need rtitin Index?

rtitin Index is fr tbles with lrge number f rtitins nd diverse vlues mng them.

Its imrtnt t nte tht this is nt slutin fr ll use-ses. Fr exmle if yur dt is nt rtitined by DT, r if it is but eh rtitin ntins ll the IDs (in ur exmle the sensr IDs) tht slutin is nt ging t wrk.

Using The rtitin Index

We reted simle litin tht kees the rtitin index in-memry nd n be queried thrugh REST I. The rtitin index is lded t the memry s the servie strts fr timl erfrmne.

S nw imgine I hve 10TB tble, rtitined by DT nd I wnt t erfrm n ggregtin n the vlues f seifi sensr frm the st yer. I first query the rtitin index with the sensr ID nd get ll the relevnt DTs. Nw I erfrm the Iml query while filtering n thse DTs nd insted f full tble sn, I sn nly the relevnt rtitins ( frtin f the dt) nd get the nswer 100x fster.

Infrstruture Imlementtin

We fund the rtitin index relly useful, but we wnted ur nlysts t simly erfrm query, withut even knwing tht the rtitin index exists.

S ur imlementtin ws n litin lyer in the ld blner between the lient nd the Iml demns, tht nlyzes the query nd genertes query tht uses the rtitin index.

Bsilly the user erfrms query t the ld blner:

query t the ld blner.png

nd in the ld blner we dded de tht tkes the query nd heks if:

  • Its n tble tht hs rtitin index.
  • It filters by the relevnt lumn (i.e. sensr_id).

Then it uses the rtitin index t generte nd submit n timized query with the relevnt rtitins in the where luse:

timized query.png

Tht wy, nlysts re exeriening 100x fster erfrmne n seletive queries ver big tbles withut ny hnge in their wrkflw.

rtitin Index is mnent used in n litin lyer between the lient nd the M engine tht mkes seletive queries run muh fster by reding nly the relevnt rtitins.

This ide n be imlemented in vrius wys but its verll retty esy slutin. It requires n hnge f the dt.

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