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SAFe. Engagement and motivation

There are three key elements which contribute to people engagement and motivation when putting the financial factor aside. That is not to say that money is not a motivator but rather that they work in a different way than expected and should be paired with the previous three key aspects.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth and agile product management

Yesterday I watched Macbeth, a magnificent movie based on the cognominal tragedy by Shakespeare’s. Besides the fact that it is a beautiful movie (I really enjoyed it), I think that we can learn something about Agile product management from it.

DevOps courses from Luxoft Training

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. It is also characterized by operations staff making use of many of the same techniques that developers use for their systems work.

SAFe. Values and benefits

Every time you hear a discussion about the Agile delivery processes you also hear about principles and values. Part of these values can actually be seen as benefits gained when the framework implementation works, rather than something imposed from the beginning and forced from the outside.

Luxoft Training adds new Spring and Java courses to portfolio

The software development industry is always changing and adding new technologies or newer versions of existing technologies. We’ve worked with industry experts and professionals to develop trainings that can help you and your company be better prepared to take full advantage of them.

SAFe. Continous Delivery Pipeline

The core target of all the configurations provided by SAFe is to create highly efficient factories with real production pipelines delivering a sustainable and continuous flow of value with the best economic output, in the shortest lead time with a constant attention for eliminating wastes and delays.

Dependency Injection using the Spring Framework

Check out our webinar recording on Dependency Injection using the Spring Framework. We looked at its practical applications in solving typical problems that arise during development as well as some key concepts.

SAFe. Exploring client needs. PM and PO role

In our previous article, we talked about Epics and the related processes. But companies have clients who need their needs to be implemented as fast as possible. Who manages all these requests? Who translates them into things which teams can then implement? Who validates the results of the implementation?

GoTech World 2019 – Luxoft Training

Last week we had the opportunity to take part in GoTech World, a B2B event focused on tools and strategies that help businesses grow through online presence, digital marketing and software intelligence.

Luxoft Training Romania becomes an ISTQB Accredited Training Provider

The Foundation Level is the first step in the certification process. It is aimed at individuals who are looking to start a career in testing or those who are involved in these activities and are looking to test their knowledge and skills against industry best practices.

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